Coming later in 2014:
         51%: Women and  
       the Future of Politics
What would women do??
This book reveals the findings of a nationwide survey of women and men
about their opinions on politics in America, plus personal essays and
statements from women leaders and Congresswomen on the
roles and impact of women in politics from voting to holding office.

Find out how women will change the future of politics!
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  Our popular coping series
Coping booklets
               (40+ pages of in-depth information)
Coping pamphlets
       (8- 12 pages topic focused)

Comprehensive booklets and pamphlets for individuals, agencies,
schools, organizations, military,health care/mental health care
providers, criminal justice and other professionals in the field.
Our specialized resources on
military sexual assault.
Sugati Publications is an independent publisher featuring our highly popular "coping" publications on trauma, sexual assault, and vicarious trauma.
"Sugati" comes from the ancient Pali language and refers to a happy destination.  May you find peace on your journey.

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