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trauma, abuse and other violent crimes.
 The latest DoD SAPR policy updates included: (DoDD 6495.01 and DoDI 6495.02)  
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Coping with Sexual Assault: A Guide for Professionals and Volunteers Working with Rape Victims
42 pages. An excellent quick-reference guide for professionals and volunteers who work with sexual assault victims. Used across the nation as a training resource for volunteer and multi-disciplinary trainings. Highly recommended for medical, legal and mental health professionals.
Coping with Military Sexual Trauma: A guide for active duty service members
62 pages. Should be given to every victim of MST and those who work with victims. Includes information on MST, trauma recovery, reporting options, medical/legal concerns, DoD SAPR policies and civilian resources. "This publication has been a tremendous resource for me--to better understand the policies and current issues of sexual assault in the military." --Smita Satiani, Victim Advocate (formerly with RAINN)
Coping after Military Sexual Trauma: A resource for VETERANS, their loved ones, and professionals
42 pages. An important guide for any veteran who experienced military sexual trauma and for professionals who work with military victims. Addresses: MST, PTSD, trauma recovery, medical and compensation concerns,DoD SAPR policies and VA resources. "This is the single best resource I have ever seen on the topic." --VA Medical Center Sexual Trauma Counselor
Coping with Trauma Work and Vicarious Trauma: A guide for professionals and volunteers
38 pages. A must-read for professionals, volunteers and students in the helping professions who work with victims of trauma, abuse or disasters. Includes info and resources on coping and mindfulness. Buy one for yourself and buy one for a colleague.
Coping after a Violent Crime: A Guide to Healing and Understanding the Criminal Justice Process
72 pages. An excellent guide to healing and understanding the criminal justice process for victims of all violent crimes and their loved ones. No victim should ever have to go through the court process without this important and necessary information. Highly recommended.
Responding to Sexual Assault in the Military: A Leadership Guide
60 pages. NEW RESOURCE. Excellent reference guide for military leaders and others working with victims of military sexual trauma. Includes info about MST, Rape Trauma, leadership issues and response, victim concerns, reporting barriers, DoD SAPR policies, and civilian resources. Also includes the recommended Commander's Checklist for prevention and response. "A must-have for anyone who is in a position of authority responding to victims of MST."