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Nadia Ali:  The Bump & Me
Tammy Gail Backlund:  Choices  
Susan Black:   How Detachment Changes Everything    
Lisa Clark:   The Cost of a Sweater
Alice Coggin Bagley:   The Other Side of the Doors *
Donna Donabella:   Grief/The Pain of Death
Kimberly L. Evans:   What I Gave to the Fire
Janel Bongiorno Field:   Gale Force Wind
Lisa Ford:   One Punch
Rene Graham:   Mrs. Brown’s Daughter
Jennifer Graves:   Going Home
Tami Herzer-Absi:   Last Call for Musicians
Brenda Joyce:  The Labyrinth’s Path
Surinder Kaur Saeltzer:  My Sikh Mother and I
Kate Lacey:  The Strangers Inside Me
Mimi LaFrancis (Eaton):  That Smile
Corbin Lewars:   Good Enough for Whom?
Rebecca Love:  When the Music Dies
Rachel Malis:  The Rationale
Beth Myers:  Road Kill
Stephanie Ng:  An Indelible Imprint
Cynthia L. Pauwels:  Powerful Eyes of Love
Grace Peterson:  This One’s on Me
Nadya Petkova:  The Letter
Alison Popple:  The Gift of True Love
Connie M. Rushman:  A Short Memoir of my Mother
Bonnie Skinner Crow:  Gone Forever
Deborah Starling-Pollard:  When Life Gets In the Way
Noelle Sterne:  Birthday Wish
Elizabeth Willse:  Complete Unknowns and Rolling Stones
Paula Andresen--Remembering Mary
Vickie Andresen Sedillo--Paula
Tamara Bastone--Letter to My Mother
Michelle Bessette--Extra Baggage
Rene Brannen--Losing My Religion
Joy Brubaker--When the Baby Died
Mary Martha Christianson--David and Mom
Alice Coggin Bagley--I’m here
Cynthia Colebrook--Topaz
Elizabeth A. Coplan--What's Your Problem, Mom
Brenda Dronkers--My Crisis Transformed
Cara Evans--The Claw Foot
Edie Fisher--A Letter to My First Love
Karen Francis--Winter Solstice
Clara Freeman--Second Time Around
Doreen Garrigan--The Roundabout Way to Becoming Me
Maryellen Grady--Transformation
Katie Ford Hall--Resurfacing
Emily Harris--Two a Day
Carol Kabakoff--This Story has a Happy Ending
Karen Kidwell--Hand Me Down
Misty Kiwak Jacobs--Negotiating with the Unwell, Visiting, Omission     
(a trilogy) and One White Towel
Kelli Kirwan--Traveling the Matriarchal Path
Rebecca J. Love--Shopping in the Sperm Aisle and Class Questions
Andrea MacEachern--Christmas Heartache
Jeannie Martinelli--Cheri  
KC McClain--A Decision Point
Marissa McNamara--Heading North
Minerva--The Turning Point
Laura Morey--Thank You, Midnight
Janice Moszynski--Journey into Light
Marykay Mulligan--The Day the Sun Shined Again
Melinda Nagle--Life
Margo Pierce--Ending the Tyranny of ‘Supposed To’
Alicia Powers--The Way of the Wounded Healer
Anne Richardson--Misery Optional
Hanan Rose--Departure
Kate Sheckler--The Mechanics of Destiny
Mary Scribner--The Teen Years--Can a Steel Stud Look Like a
Nancy Smith--Black Rock
Laura Sommers--Oops
Terri Spahr Nelson—Living with Dying
Lana Swearingen—Don
Linda Tefend--Taming the Monster
Kelli Trinoskey--Mom, Interrupted
Nancy Turner—Crash
Vicki Trusley--Ending the Waking Nightmare
Va Vang--A New Challenge
Cassie Walker--Gone
Erin Wilson--Biology
Sandra F Wilson--Reflections of May
Anonymous--true love in the present moment
Sugati Publications, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9825806-2-2
Terri Spahr Nelson, Editor
Cover photograph by Raisah Ali
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Sugati Publications, Spring, 2010
Reflections from Women serie
ISBN: 978-0-9825806-9-1
Kindle:  978-0-9825806-8-4
Terri Spahr Nelson, Editor
Cover photograph:  Sugati Publications

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